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International Defensive Pistol Association Matches

PPGC has partnered with Front Range IDPA to bring International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches to Colorado Springs. The matches are held every 3rd Sunday of the month thereafter. IDPA is an exciting pistol competition and an excellent way to test your defensive pistol skills. IDPA promises to be a challenge to all shooters -- beginners and experts alike. With modest equipment requirements and manageable round-counts, IDPA is an excellent way to get started in pistol competition. More information about IDPA can be found 
here and the FRIDPA web-page is here.

We plan to run five stages at each match. Everyone should be able to complete the match with less than 150 rounds. Setup will start at 7:00 AM and the new shooter briefing starts at 7:45. First rounds go off at 9:45. Fees are collected on the pistol range so there's no need to stop at the Clubhouse to pay. Just drive down and meet us on pistol ranges.

Match Fees:
$15.00 non-member
$10.00 FRIDPA member
$7.00 individual helping setup

Attention PPGC members: Please note that all five pistol ranges will be closed to the general membership during the IDPA matches. Most matches will finish by 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon but that cannot be guaranteed. Always call the Clubhouse to make sure the matches have finished before driving out to use the pistol ranges on the 3rd Sunday of the month!

Rifle & Pistol Director:  Mike Payne

Pikes Peak Gun Club offers several pistol competitions throughout the year.

To review the Range Safety Rules, please Click Here.

All matches are subject to be canceled due to weather, so call the club house a head of time at 719-683-4420.

Upcoming Events


.22 Caliber Trail Plate Matches:
The first Saturday of every month a .22 Caliber Trail Plate shooting activity takes place.We shoot at four inch steel plates, mounted on a steel rail. The targets stay the same but the format changes as to the weapons we are using. We meet at 8:30 am, set up the targets, zero weapons, and when every one is zeroed we begin the the activity for that day. The .22 Trail Plate activity will follow this monthly schedule for the remainder of 2014. April (RIFLE) May (PISTOL) June (TWO GUN) July (TRAINING DAY) August( RIFLE) September (PISTOL) October (TWO GUN) November (TRAINING DAY) December (RIFLE). All members and non members are invited to try thier luck. We would like to have parents bring thier children. This is a "fun" sport, without a lot of pressure.PPGC members are always ready to help you with your questions.If you are new to firearms shooting ,this is the palce to start. Weapons safety is always number one on our ranges. Come on out and give it a try.
Info Tom Olden 471 7925 or whitetruck71@yahoo.com

For Match Information:
  Click Here

For Match Rules & Regulations:  Click Here

Reminder.  Saturday, March 7, a .22 Pistol match will be held at the club.  Shooting classes are designated by type of action and length of barrel.  40 rounds total, 10 rounds in four relays.  Four inch steel targets mounted on a rail at 25 yards.  You will have 90 seconds to fire your 10 rounds.  As usual, juniors are free and adults are $5.00.  We set up at 8:30 am, followed by time to zero your weapon before the match starts.  We have requested warm weather with sunshine.  Hope to see you at the match, and if you have never tried this sport come on out and see what it is all about. 
For more information contact Tom Olden at 471 7925 or Whitetruck71@yahoo.com.

.22 Rifle Biathlon
If you are interested in trying this sport, please contact me.  We will have a training day during the May 2nd Trail Plate activities.  The format will be a very easy bike ride followed by a trip to the rifle range.  You will shoot 5 rounds standing, 5 rounds prone, and back to 5 rounds standing.  Your rifle will be posted in a rack and not carried on your bike.  As you return to the shooting range, you will retrieve your rifle and move to the shooting line, fire your 5 rounds and place your cleared rifle back in the rack.  This is a total timed event, penalties will be added for missed targets. We will need some volunteers to help score and keep time, so bring the family. We will try to make this a fun day at your club.
Info Tom Olden 471 7925 or 

Upcoming Rifle/Pistol Events.

The first Sunday of every month the club will be hosting a 3 gun competition.  You can find more information by clicking the links below.  

For more information, click below:

Be aware, there will no be no available pistol ranges on 3-gun OR IDPA days.

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