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The Pikes Peak Gun Club has a commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for their members, guests and the community. This is an essential priority for the club which has established rules and regulations that all visitors must follow, regardless of their shooting activity.

Chief among our safety practices is the establishment of a Range Safety Officer program (RSO). This consists of a group of club members who volunteer to oversee activities on the rifle and pistol ranges and confirm that those using the facilities adhere to the club Range Rules (see:

The RSO program is currently administered by Brian Heft, a student of offensive and defense tactics and a past member of the Army Search & Rescue Team.

All RSOs are required to take the PPGC RSO course and are encouraged to attend an NRA Range Safety Officer Certification class, which is offered by the club on a periodic basis. The PPGC pays the fees for the class and provides the instruction which is given by certified Chief RSOs. For those who decide to take advantage of the free certification, we ask that you serve as RSO for half-day periods at the ranges at least 12 times each year. Although RSOs are volunteers, you do receive credit for working in the form of punch cards that can be redeemed for range time. RSOs sign up for their times in advance by calling the PPGC Office and requesting their dates/times. Current responsibilities include monitoring the Rifle and Pistol ranges as well as the Archery Range.

RSOs are easily identified by their bright colored hats and safety vests and RSOs are also equipped with a paper copy of the Range Rules to help confirm any questions about procedures and rules and have hand-held radios that are used to communicate with the PPGC Office.

All RSOs receive basic medical trauma training and are fully aware of the range protocols regarding accidents and other emergency situations. They also check to make sure that all shooters have properly signed in to the PPGC Clubhouse and are displaying the appropriate color of wrist band.

Many RSOs gladly provide assistance for the new shooter, and those not familiar with the operation of newly-purchased firearms. RSOs are expected to provide a short summary of the range rules to non-members who are using the range and observe them to confirm that they follow the rules. Upon arrival, non-members are given a paper hand-out containing a list of the basic rules. Please remember that most shooters don't require your assistance and if the range is safe, allow customers to enjoy their time undisturbed by your presence. No experienced shooter wants someone hovering around them unnecessarily and the range represents a "Happy Place" akin to a place of relaxation or meditation for many. Respect this while performing your duties.

PPGC RSOs do have the final word in the event that a dispute should arise. RSOs also have the authority to eject and/or report those shooters who do not comply with the range rules. In case of escalating confrontations, they are required to notify the PPGC Manager who will then deal with the situation. Though you may have this authority, use it sparingly and whenever possible avoid confrontation. Allow the club manager to arbitrate and if necessary eject customers who are unwilling to comply with range rules. You may see that customer again soon, and it is in every ones best interest if that encounter can be a positive one by avoiding a personal confrontation. It is our job to keep the range safe and make sure non members have paid to use the facility. It is also our responsibility to make customers feel welcome and respected.

RSOs are expected to assist with basic orientation such as helping shooters to locate target frames, insure the proper placement of paper targets, offer advice on shooting issues when asked and assist with any other situations that may arise. 

Finally, they are expected to perform basic range maintenance while on duty, such as checking the first aid kits, collecting any debris that interferes with shooting, insuring that that there are available functioning target frames and cardboard, functioning staple guns for attaching targets and making basic repairs to the target frames.

Anyone wishing to be part of this important volunteer service should contact the PPGC Clubhouse at 719-683-4420 or by email at:

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