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Pikes Peak Gun Club 


Trap and Skeet


Pikes Peak Gun Club is one of the largest shooting facilities in the state of Colorado.  Of special interest is the long tradition of Trap-Shooting at the club and the outstanding variety of facilities we offer for the experienced trap shooter or the first-time enthusiast who wants to learn more about this exciting sport.

Our Trap Ranges employ 14 state-of-the-art separate trap fields with Pat-Trap machines for American Trap, from 16 yards back to 27 yards with Canterbury voice call systems. The targets are thrown going away from the shooter at a speed of 38-42 mph. This is a great way for someone who is new to shotgun shooting to learn how to enjoy this exciting and fun sport!

American Skeet shooting is also an exciting way for individuals to enjoy another type of clay sport shooting. Skeet targets are thrown laterally across the field in front of the shooter. These targets travel at a speed of 40mph and provide a wide array of shooting angles on a target. We have three Skeet fields that feature Beomat machines and one Skeet field with Mattarelli machines for both American and International Skeet, which is another Olympic sport. Conducted on the same layout as American Skeet, it includes a slightly different set of rules with the targets traveling at a speed of 60mph! 

For the advanced trap shooter who wants more of a challenge, we have one International Bunker trap field. This style of trapshooting is the style of shooting done in the Olympics. Our bunker features 15 pneumatic Rossini machines which throw targets away from the shooter at a speed of 68-72 mph! Finally, we have one 5-stand field, a fast-paced and exciting game. We also offer a shotgun patterning station for the shotgun shooter who wants to check out those different chokes and learn more about their firearm.

Sporting Clays

sporting clays.jpg

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Gun Club Sporting Clays.

The Pikes Peak Gun Club caters to all types of shooters and their skill levels, from the first time guest who has never held a shotgun to the tournament shooter that shoots thousands of shells a year. Whatever your age or experience, we feature many exciting opportunities for those interested in shooting the fun and exciting sport of Sporting Clays.

We have two courses that total twenty four stations, each equipped with three clays throwers. The courses have clearly marked target presentations and include targets for all levels of skill. Our Sporting Clays shooters will particularly enjoy walking along the park-like pathways that feature stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak.

Our facility is known for its safe environment. We provide knowledgeable and experienced personnel who can assist you during your visit. Any equipment that you may need is available for rent when you check in at the Clubhouse. The courses are closed to vehicular traffic. 

The Pikes Peak Gun Club hosts many Sporting Clays events and competitions and is a perfect facility to host your next corporate event, fundraiser, or party. The Clubhouse features a fully functional kitchen and multiple areas with tables and places to relax. Information about the many other shooting opportunities at the Pikes Peak Gun Club is also available at the Clubhouse.

As a result of our location and the versatility and flexibility of our venue, the Pikes Peak Gun Club has successfully hosted numerous events in the past, including multiple state championship tournaments sanctioned by organizations such as the NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association-the official governing body for sporting clays),  SCTP (Scholastic Target Program), and 4H.

For more information or to schedule an event at the Pikes Peak Gun Club Sporting Clays courses, please call us at 719-683-4420, or email us at:


Rifle and Pistol

Rifle Pistol


To reduce ricochets into the special use ranges we are standardizing on one target size for the pistol ranges. 

We now require customers to either make their target frames to the standard size (see below) or purchase one from the club house for $7.00. This will of course be yours to keep if you choose to purchase one, and you may store it in the pistol range barn (at your own risk). The reason that the range sells these is because of the speed by which they are destroyed. They last a few hours or days, where as rifle target frames last a few weeks or months.

Pistol Range Target Dimensions

W – 24” H – 73 ¼”     use 1×2 for the legs

Rifle range target stands are already standardized and provided for use at no cost. 


Pikes Peak Gun Club has both rifle and pistol ranges that are open to the public (see notes below).
Ranges include 2 rifles ranges of 100 and 200 yards and 3 pistol ranges with target placements at 3,5,7,10,15 and 25 yards.

In addition to the public ranges, PPGC also has 2 special use berms accessible by our instructors as well as members when not in use by instructors. Six special use berms located behind the public berms are accessible by instructors, competitive shooting sports, and members when not in use by the above. All users of special use berms must provide their own target stands and targets, special us rules are available at the clubhouse.

Special notice – non member use of Rifle / Pistol ranges

Pikes Peak Gun Club is open to the public as well as members. For safety reasons, our rifle and pistol ranges are only accessible by members and guests of members. Non-members who are not accompanied by a club member may use the rifle and pistol ranges when Range Safety Officers are on duty. Please Call 719-683-4420 for questions about our RSO availability and schedule prior to coming out.

Special Use Ranges

The PPGC Special Use Ranges are available to club members and are intended for training, classes, and competition not suitable for the rifle and pistol ranges. Please check the PPGC Range rules for further information on what can and can't be done on these open style ranges.


Archery Range

Visit our beautiful archery ranges featuring classic targets, animal silhouettes, and hatchet throwing board.

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